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About Us


I have performed as a solo aerial and circus/theatre performer, with other companies and with my own, Concussion, throughout Europe and Australia over the past ten years. I have also performed at numerous cabarets, parties, night clubs, festivals and other events....jumped out of a cake and onto a trapeze as part of "The Feast" with Ian Smith, at the Albany Theatre in London; performed corde lisse in the stairwell of an old abattoir in Switzerland and from the end of a crane at a festival with Circus Irritant in Berlin as the riot police marched in; I have clambered artistically over scaffolding at a car launch in Belgium and at a travel agents conference in Vienna !! I fell out of a ceiling on bungee cord dressed as an alien, dangled amongst 'the stars' at the Brit Awards in London and bounced round a circus ring, in the grounds of The Natural History Museum, London, Dressed as a hydrogen atom!!


Growing up on the North Coast of NSW, an area renowned for its abundance of creative talent, I was absorbed into the Technicolor world of performance arts at a very early age. Beginning my escapade at ten with 'Eclectoplasm', a contemporary belly dance troupe, I have spent the last twelve years training, touring, teaching and performing with various individuals, companies and institutions throughout Australia.
Receiving certificate II in dance at Northern Rivers Conservatorium of The Arts, a certificate in 'Play space inc.' dance and integrated movement course, leading to a place in the company’s performance group and a creator of 'Skarlet Fusion'. A circus inspired, dance/theatre Company, specializing in acrobatic can can dancing. Thrilling audiences of all ages on a year long tour through seven states. Performing at many events and venues including Woodford Folk Festival, Darwin Fringe Festival, collaborations with the Earth dream 2000 tour, and Circus Nomadica. As well as organizing and running circus and dance workshops for schools and community projects. Exploring all corners of physical expression and challenge my experience also includes traditional dance styles, ballet, contemporary, and jazz, as well as Physical theatre, contact improvisation, break dancing, butoh, body mind centering, character roving, capoeira, and circus (acrobatics, aerial arts).
My current project 'Tuff Fluff' is a dynamic union between my love of dance and passion for acrobatics and aerial arts, introduced to me by Lou in '99. After attending the 2000 annual Australian circus festival's training program in Tasmania, I moved to Mullumbimby, NSW to train intensively with Lou in solo and duo corde lisse(aerial rope), static trapeze and general circus skills. Along with my introduction to flying trapeze. After completing a season at Quest nightclub, Gold Coast we have recently moved to Brisbane to further work and training opportunities, and to prepare for up coming bookings at the Hard Rock Hotel, Bali , and a Europe spring season festival circuit, and project in Portugal with Ollie Harwood.