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TUFF FLUFF Aerial Dance

Free falling into your reality tunnel from a far away planet in the galaxy of Cybersonica, come Tuff Fluff aerial acrobats traveling at the speed of light across the Intergalactic starways to bring you the antidote to a Universe without love. Tuff Fluff bring you their latest piece of aerial dance 'Get Fluffed' a 10 minute corde lisse duet performed on two ropes to an ambient break beat soundtrack. Having performed at various events through the cosmos, Tuff Fluff are available for festivals, nightclubs and any suitable venue.As well as our corde lisse duet we also have static trapeze, tissue and acrobatic dance acts.We can also teach workshops suitable for all levels and ages in all the above skills. Perfect for festivals and outdoor events, is our 8 metre high trapeze rig. Please contact us for further details.